Luciënne Venner (°1989, Baexem, Netherlands) lives and works in Amsterdam. She is a filmmaker,  musician and performance artist that researches transformation as identity that balances on the edge of recognition and alienation. Her performances and films appear often as dreamlike. Her work has been featured at EYE Film Museum, FOAM, Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Rotterdam Art Week, Arti et Amicitiae, Kassel Film & Documentary Festival, Nederlands Film Festival and others.



Contravox  (singer)
Lucy und Männer (singer)

               Upcoming live shows LUCY & MÄNNER

              Movie tour 2018  ERROR OF EROS

Sat. 29 SEPT 2018     NEDERLANDS FILM FESTIVAL – Première!
Wed. 3 OKT 2018       NEDERLANDS FILM FESTIVAL – Forum of DIRECTORS competition
Thu. 4 OKT 2018       NEDERLANDS FILM FESTIVAL – DEBUTE competition

19-21 okt 2018            One take festival, ZAGREB, Croatia
11-18 nov 2018            Nahia Film Fest, GRANADA, Spain
16-17 nov 2018            SHIFT Film Festival, Maastricht, NL

25 dec 2018                 Live performance (Singer) Sonic Youth coverband at KERSTSESSIE,  Heythuysen, NL

past shows

Sat. 18 AUG 2018        Lucy & Männer at #BBB Zomer, Baexem, NL                                 
July 2018, 1                  Broadcasted MÉNAGE À TROIS @ AT5 Local television Amsterdam, NL
June 2018, 30              Broadcasted MÉNAGE À TROIS @ AT5 Local television Amsterdam, NL            June 2018, 27               Performing with my band CONTRAVOX @ Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam, NL
June 2018, 27               ERROR OF EROS & MÉNAGE À TROIS Filmhuis Cavia, Amsterdam, NL
May 2018, 13                 Performing for Celight at Cuisine de Fous festival, Den Haag, NL
May 2018, 13                 ERROR OF EROS at NewWerktheater, Ams, NL
April 2018, 22                Performing for Mark van Westerop/Coiffure Award, Hilversum, NL
March 2018, 31              A RIDE TO MORESNET at Ammehoela filmfestival, Ams, NL
March 2018, 23 – 25      Solo Exhibition ERROR OF EROS at NEVERNEVERLAND |Ams, NL                                                          Funded by Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunst

January 2018                  CLOSER at LOST & FOUND / PARADISO|Amsterdam, NL
December 2017              Tu Veneno at Catacombe| The Hague, NL
December 2017              Lucy & Männer (band) Kerstsessie /Poppodium Sjor|Roggel, NL
November 2017              Screening A Ride to Moresnet / FC Hyena|Amsterdam, NL
November 2017              The blue in your eyes / NYX #2  launch, Athenaeum Boekhandel|Ams, NL
October 2017                  Screening A Ride to Moresnet / Visions of Moresnet|Holset, NL
September 2017             Screening A Ride to Moresnet / Nederlands Filmfestival |Utrecht, NL
September 2017             That I am you / Opening Sandberg institute|Amsterdam, NL
September 2017             Film props exhibited / Klittenband|Amsterdam, NL
September 2017             That I am you / Roodkapje X Rotterdam Uitdagen|Rotterdam, NL

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